Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bun Bo Hue An Nam

Normally this place is PACKED and requires a 45 minute wait just for lunch. But we lucked out and got in right when four people left. This place only serves pho, or Bun Bo Hue (with or without ox penis because, you know, eating penis is good for men - stamina, fertility, etc etc).

I LOVE me some BUN BO HUE ! Delicious, SPICY broth, pieces of beef, pork, tendon, fish cakes, noodles, and blood - which I gave to Carlo to eat. Ummmm.

Carlo ordered it with Ox penis. He couldn't tell which pieces of meat were the Ox penis. He ate it all and enjoyed it so it must have been good. =)

Ordered a coconut bean drink to balance out the spice.



The only place that I like to eat Bun Bo Hue.

Bun Bo Hue An Nam
740 Story Road, Ste 3
San Jose, CA 95122
(408) 993-1755

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D said...

From a Vietnamese person.. this place is the best!! But the crowds pretty much prove that point :)