Saturday, January 31, 2009

Andrew's in town == eating + houseparty at Chez Chieze

Andrew drove down from Santa Rosa today.

The day consisted of ramen at Ryowa, dinner at Turkish restaurant, Sultana, and dessert at Evvia which was interesting since it was the first time we had a rude waitress (I have been eating there for almost 8 years!).

Simply put, we were greeted with:

"What do you want."

When given our desserts, she demanded from us to:

"Give me those (extra plates)."

And when we finished paying, she picked up the bill while we were still at the table.

Her name was Gina. "Gina from Jersey". ;)

So afterwards, we went to a houseparty at Chez Chieze. I mean this was a real HOUSE party. The house was HUGE 2-story with a bunch of bedrooms... maybe five or six - a total of seven people live there. Very Real World-ish. It was swell. Regardes.

Pool table

Booze (and there's tons of cold beer in the fridge)

People in every room

A lot of polite and clean guests who take there shoes off before entering

Friendly company

A live Rockband (TAKE IT EASY, Andrew!)

And a digital camera for guests to take random photos, with lots of props to play around with. The photos were then displayed against a white wall near the entrance.

Good times. =)

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