Saturday, August 16, 2008

Evvia - like the good old times.

It all started in corporate... having a corporate credit card for business lunches and dinners... probably the only thing I miss from the old life. Free food. =)

I think the first time I ate at Evvia was when I was 20 for a business lunch. I've been eating here for almost 7 years. Crazy! (I wish they had those "Eat 9 meals here and you get the 10th one free.") I also suggested this place for me and Raf's first date. <3

We were originally gonna go to Dio Deka but considering it was opened by the former manager/cooks from Evvia, had virtually the same menu (just different presentation), and was more expensive, we decided to stick to Evvia.



Rib-eye - I love red meat. It's been awhile since I had some good beef.

Raf got the lamb shank

And our favorite dessert - Galaktobureko. It's so simple but so delicious.

420 Emerson Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Tel: 650.326.0983

I keep forgetting to take photos of us together... I guess I only take photos of food now!

And animals... look how big Whiteman is.

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Rafael Donnay said...

Whiteman is as big as GINGER!!