Saturday, December 12, 2009

Little Bean - Rowland Heights, CA

After California Ramen, Miki drove us to Little Bean, a Chinese boba/pearl tea shop. This is the only place Miki likes to get her balls. And it took an hour to get here. Must be good. =)

It was pouring rain, so I opted for a warm, hong do nai-tsa, or milk tea with red beans. The milk, tea, and sugar were nicely balanced. The red beans were perfectly cooked and seasoned. The balls were nicely cooked and delicate; not as chewy as you may find in the Bay Area. Good flavor to them as well.

Miki opted for the lychee pearl tea, and the regular milk tea.

I happened to walk by the kitchen and see them just drain freshly blanched taro root. I have a huge love for taro. I came out and mentioned the wonderful smell of taro that I had just witnessed. Andrew decided to try the taro smoothie. I was a bit hesitant of having a blended, iced taro drink, but...

It was GREAT. So great that Miki bought a third one. hahahah.

In addition to great ingredients, and a clean kitchen, the Chinese ladies here are so nice! AND they will remake your drink if you don't like it without any hesitation. I mean, that is unheard of. At a Chinese place. Really! What a pleasure it was to get balls here.

Little Bean
18902 Norwalk Boulevard
Artesia, CA
(562) 860-8843‎

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