Sunday, February 28, 2010

Class 302 - Rowland Heights, CA

What? Class? Nope, a Taiwanese snack and shaved snow shop where the servers dress like school guys/girls.

By far the best popcorn chicken I've had. Nice lightly-battered crispy chicken.

Photo courtesy of Weenie

And the mango shaved snow with condensed milk, mochi, and fresh mango chunks. Too sweet for me, however, we were informed that we need to request "milk-flavored" snow instead of the mango snow which would make a difference.

Had I not been so tired and hungover from eating, I probably would have enjoyed this snack. ha ha ha. Oh, what a weekend. Eating is a sport and I am thoroughly exhausted.

Class 302
1015 S. Nogales St., #125
Rowland Heights, CA
Tel: (626) 965-5809


olivia said...

Hi Joan,

I came across your blog as I am wanting to take the Patisserie certificate at ESCF Paris. Would you recommend this school? How does this school compare to the other culinary schools in Paris? How would you rate this school and the internship?


Pia said...

Hi Joan
What a wonderful blog. I am planning to apply to Ferrandi next year and was amazed we have so much in common! I am a PhD in computer science from ASU. I am curious on when I should send in the application for June session: is earlier necessarily better?


hubert said...

I just want to let you know I took your advice and went to see Chef Kinch today. He was in the middle of a photo shoot but he did speak to me. I told him that I was seeking an internship to complete my admissions requirement to the CIA and he told me to come back to him on Friday! I am guessing he was really busy. Oh well, thank you for your advice and I can't wait until then!


Hubert Tsai