Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ginger begs for crumbs... and Safeway sucks

Ginger cries, begs, and complains so hard for a FLAKE of a Costco croissant.


I really need to start budgeting on my groceries - I spend SO much $,$$$ on food - SAFEWAY SUCKS! It is so expensive. How did I end up spending $12 for 3 peppers, some cilantro and celery? Earlier today I spent $14 for like 15 items from Mi Pueblo. Despite the small aisles and Mexican butchers smiling at me and saying things in Spanish which I do not understand, that place is awesome. YAH for Mexican markets.

I have really come to realize that Safeway is a ripoff. I always end up spending less at Trader Joe's and their stuff is quality. Oh ~ and why is milk, cereal, and ice-cream cheaper at Target? I can't believe how much money I have wasted at Safeway these past few years. Oh and Ranch 99 sucks - cheap prices but the veggies are practically rotten.

Ah, you may be wondering about my sudden analness (is that a word? anality, perhaps? lol) with buying groceries - since I will probably be a poor student in the months to come, it's time to start saving like a poor student! This is going to take some time to get used to.

Anyway, Long live Trader Joe's and Mi Pueblo! It's fun shopping at these places.


Miki said...

safeway / vons is a rip off! ralphs is expensive too, but they seem to have the double coupons thing going on. trader joe's is very affordable ... although i can never find a cereal that i like. yay for mexican markets. i gotta find one here. the chinese markets in arcadia and rowland heights are super! fresh produce for cheapo (69 cents for baby bok choy etc). yay budget shopping.

John Holmes said...

You might want to try a Farmer's Market. Safeway is even more expensive than them.

(Oh, and Safeway is heavily Republican too.)