Wednesday, October 03, 2007

First restaurant service - it's just soupe, right ?

Wednesday nights will now become regular restaurant service for the Anglophone class at Ferrandi. My first dish (working with Andrew) was to be Crème de céleri, fricassée de champignons

Simple right? It is just a purée of céleri rave. And you know, brunoise of some mushrooms. Well... I dunno what the fuck happened but we ended up in the shit and didn't have time to eat dinner. Well actually I do know what happened - we are rookies and need to learn organization above all things. That is what can screw you - a big bordel of a station, and slow mise en place can really get you.

Since this is only the beginning, my French was extremely limited - actually I barely knew any culinary French vocabulary. I had problems translating the recipe (all our materials are in French). I ended up peeling like a head of garlic instead of 1 gousse of garlic which means 1 clove. I was thinking why do we need so much garlic ??? It was like common sense went out the window when I was just thinking too hard on following the recipe.

Anyway, eventually I finished my part of the recipe... but from what I heard, Chef yelled at my buddy Andrew pretty bad. It sounded a little something like this:

"Never again, Andrew. NEVER AGAIN !" Insert action of throwing a ladle in our soup and having it splash everywhere.

I wasn't quite there for that one and don't know the details of how that came about. But in the end, our soupe tasted delicious and our orders were sent out as my chef always says:

Hot, Seasoned, and ON TIME!

We obviously didn't have time to take photos. But here are the leftovers we made for our classmates.


Which turns into this

Anglo B


Petits Fours from Pastry

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