Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So what is it like working in the kitchen with a fever?

What happens when you have a fever for two days and still force yourself to go to school no matter what? Well... you suck it up because cooks aren't allowed to be sick.

So my 2nd day of having a fever landed on a Wednesday night which is, of course restaurant service. I was doing "ok" - my mise en place was fairly simple since I was doing an amuse bouche of Noix de Coquilles St. Jacques pôelées, condiment dattes et citron, fleur de bourrache. I was working slower of course, but I still managed to do most of it. Let me tell you peeling dates and then cutting them into brunoise is an f'in sticky bitch.


This is the only photo I was able to take that day. =(

I was almost finished with all my mise en place when I started dropping stuff like my tools or my lemons. Then I was trying to peel some lemon zeste and I started shaking. I mentioned to my chef that I am not sure how much longer I could take. It was that bad - even my classmates said I looked like death (and definitely felt like it). They would walk by me, say something, and I would just stare at them. I didn't even have the energy to respond. Thankfully my chef said I could go home. He took over during service for the amuse bouche.

It was a terrible terrible feeling and I actually felt guilty that I went home, however, I did spend the entire next day feeling like death in bed. I missed quiche day which wasn't so bad since I had made quiches in the past and they are fairly basic. I actually forced myself to go to the Monoprix to buy some ingredients for the quiche. That was really tough and I ended up collapsing on my bed when I got home.

My goal was to make mini-quiches and bring them to school to show chef. I had bought small ramekins put the quiche in and baked them in my TOASTER oven. I wasn't satisfied with the way they looked so I never brought them to school. My "day off" was much needed rest, and I returned back to school the following day feeling much better.

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