Monday, April 14, 2008

Fraîcheur Pistache = love

Today I was introduced to le gateau s'appelle Fraîcheur Pistache; quite possibly one of the best things that I have put in mouth. It is so f'in delicious !

The bottom layer is a tarte sablée, then a layer of cake, a genoise pistache, then a red fruit gelée, THEN topped with a pistachio mousse. Could it get any better? Oh yah, it's sprayed with chocolate and decorated with chocolate and fresh fruit.




I deco'ed mine to be a bit comedic. I didn't mean for it to look like the gates of heaven. HAH! You like my chocolate covered strawberries?

Of course, I gave plenty of it to my neighbors... because I knew if I kept the whole thing, I could polish it off in a couple sittings. Not good.

So funny story.

After class, Andrew and Amanda came over to watch the new episode of The Office that just came out after the writer's strike was finally over. The cake was pretty fragile because of the pistachio mousse. We were super careful not to hit any of the sides. Made it on the metro all the way to the bottom of the elevator in my building.

The elevator in my building is tiny (of course, it's Paris). Me and Amanda try to squeeze in - keep in mind, Amanda always carries this backpack stuffed to the brim. Like it goes out 1 foot because she packs her whole life in there. So I get in and put the cake over my head so Amanda can fit. Well, because of her ginormous backpack and the cakes, there was no way all three of us could fit.

Andrew was telling her to hurry and get in. Amanda jumped in while the elevator door hit her backpack. She tried to get her backpack off without damaging the cake but then the elevator door closed on her cake box crushing it. She goes out of the elevator and tried to adjust her backpack. Andrew started laughing as Amanda went back into the elevator with her backpack half off and the cake box open and crushed so bad that it didn't close.

The elevator door then closed on her backpack again and gets stuck. Andrew tried to help her by pushing her backpack in while laughing hysterically. Well he was successful since Amanda finally got in, but THEN... THEN...


As Amanda and I rode of the elevator, we saw ANDREW IN SLOW MOTION screaming

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew's beautiful caked was dropped upside down.

God, it was so terrible but so disastrously HILARIOUS that I could NOT stop laughing the rest of the night. I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. I just kept replaying Andrew laughing, then screaming in slow motion NOOOOOOOO as we rode up the elevator. Oh man, you just had to be there.




I'm sorry, Andrew !


But at least the episode of The Office was awesome. So awesome we watched it twice. Definitely an evening full of laughs.

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