Monday, November 17, 2008

And then I am reminded that I am just a stagiaire

Today I was sent to the CAFETERIA in the morning to help make food for the staff. One of the cooks brought me to the "self" as they call it and said that they needed some help cutting tartes. Ok whatever. Then we arrive and he says "ok you can have her work just until 11h30" then he jets off.

WTF. The cook working there was really messy. There was shit everywhere. As I was cooking chicken, I was using one hand to put in the raw meat, then the tongs to pick up the cooked meat. He told me I had to use the tongs for both - um yah, cross contamination. I had previously gotten sick a couple times from eating there and now I know why.

There wasn't much to do afterwards so he had me vacuum. He wanted me to take the trash out but I didn't know where the poubelle was.

Then he was showing me how to use the register. He wanted me to stay during lunch service and ring people up. WTF.

I stood there for 1 minute, then said I had to put something away in the vestiaire and never came back.

I was fuming. I asked another cook if it's normal for them to send stagiaires there. He said no and it was an exception since one of the cooks was out. I finished doing some mise en place then had lunch a little after 12h00.

I saw the cafeteria cook again when I went to get lunch and he asked me why I just left. I told him I had mise en place to do. I literally sat down for 5 minutes to eat and the previous cook called the cafeteria and asked when I will be done eating. I shoved food down my throat, then went back to work. Another guy asked me why I don't cook in the cafeteria all day, I was like "UM I am working in the gastro!"

WHY WOULD I want to stage in the cafeteria? Waste of my time. I am not even getting paid here even though this hotel has loads of money to burn. If they ask me again, I am going to give them a big NO, and tell them to hire someone else to cook personal meal for the hotel staff.

ok /rant/

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