Wednesday, November 26, 2008

French guacamole

sucks. That's all. Ok, that may be a bit harsh but being from California - I do appreciate some good guac. Whatever they call Guacamole in France is not guacamole. All they add is too much lemon/lime juice and salt. Very little salt. It taste like acidic purée. Why don't they just call it avocado purée? I've had French guacamole at cheap restaurants, catered events, as well as here with the recipe of infamous 2** chef. I mentioned that it would be better with onions and tomatoes. Dare I say add some spice? Nooo, the French don't like spicy food. Quel dommage !

Anyway, here is the crab entrée that they serve in the banquet. The crab is mixed with olive oil, black truffle mayonnaise, ciboulette, and piment d'espelette. It tastes okay but lacks acidity whereas the "guacamole" has way too much. Btw, we have to cut those leaves out with scissors (romaine lettuce). Fun! Like being in elementary school again. ha ha.

Here is Nusha - she is a stagiaire in Pastry

L'équipe banquet

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