Friday, November 21, 2008

Le Banquet

I switched to the banquet today for various reasons. First and foremost, this is my first luxury hotel. I want to see how each division works in a glamorous hotel like this. I enjoyed working in the gastro very much, however, because the mise en place was enormous, I didn't get to see much besides the scallops and langoustines that I was preparing, as well as the sauces that were made for the fish plates. During service, I was unable to stay at the passe to see each dish in its finished state meaning garniture + sauces + proteins. In banquet, it is a smaller team, and I am able to see how the garniture, sauces, and proteins are prepared, as well as in it's finished state. The food served in the banquet is a simplified menu made by infamous 2** chef.

I haven't really been past the lobby at this hotel... but here's part of a hallway to one of the banquet rooms. Very traditional, wouldn't you say?


Julia, JD (Jean-Daniel), and "Che Che" (Or Thomas who has a Basque last name that I don't remember how to pronounce so people call him Che-Che - loves it!)

Les entrées

Foie gras with a compote and gelée of fruit (forgot the name), sauce is a reduction of sangria

Stupid me forgot to take a photo of the fish dish!!! It was daurade with parmesan croute on top (same garniture as the gastro), tomate compote, and sauce de poisson.

My first real service where I helped plate everything. =)

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