Sunday, May 18, 2008

And we called the French police

An interesting day today. Amanda stopped by to study for the final. She was sitting near the windows in the kitchen area, and I was in the bathroom checking voicemail and grabbing some laundry. Around 14:15, all of a sudden we heard some shuffling and screaming. Like bloodcurdling screaming. Out of a murder movie screaming. It was just not normal. Then we heard a bunch of glasses breaking on the floor, choking (Amanda heard this since she was near the window), and complete silence. Complete eerie silence. We were both shocked. Amanda was sitting near the open window so she could hear everything better than I. I thought it came from the building across from me, but she thought it was my neighbors. There isn't anyone living in the apartment next to me. We were so freaked out that we didn't know what to do. And I was wondering, I am the only person home on a Sunday. Did no one else hear that freakish screaming?! It took us 20 minutes to finally decide to call the cops.

I explained to the lady on the phone that I heard a woman screaming, broken glass, and her choking. She got my # down and had some cops call me back within a minute. Afterwards, they showed up within 10 minutes. Really fast. I tried explaining it again in my choppy French. It was quite difficult but I kept telling them that it wasn't normal. We were all not sure which building it was. They knocked on my neighbors door but no one was there. And apparently, no one lives there so it had to be the other building. One of the cops was speaking really fast - I really didn't understand what he said. After they got my info, they left. We were both pretty freaked out the rest of the afternoon. I closed my shades the rest of the day.

Luckily, Amanda stuck around for awhile until she had to go to church. When she left, she immediately came back up to my floor and told me to go downstairs with her. There were at least six large vans full of armed cops outside my building. We were convinced it was for another protest or demonstration. I mean seriously. It couldn't be for the scary disturbance earlier. So I brushed it off.

Later that evening, Andrew stopped by to study. I asked him if the cops were still there. And they still were. We left an hour later to try and grab some snacks and they were still out there. They've been there for at least 5 hours and no demonstration. It was just so odd. What a disturbing afternoon... ughhhhhh


Rafael Donnay said...

maybe Amanda is making up the stuff about the choking... after all, you didn't hear it.

Joan P. said...

No, she was right near the open window. I was on my phone in the bathroom.

Ysabel said...

Oooh, weird! And freaky... You must share with Bloggieworld if you find anything else out!

Matt said...

WO!!! What the heck, the hair rose up on my neck when I read this... well, i mean I don't have a hairy neck or anything..whatever!, that is crazy! Did you hear anything in the news later?

toots said...

Whoa! Keep me posted on what happened!