Monday, May 19, 2008

Au Sommet de L'Himalaya

It's time for Indian food ! Amanda and Andrew came over to study for the final. None of us had dinner and had a huge craving for Indian food. We went on to have it delivered. The French are learning more about takeout! Awesome. It took them two hours (surprise), but we did end up getting some decent Indian food. French people don't care for spicy food so cuisines that are typically spicy, are not in Paris. I left a note online saying that we are American so please make it more spicy. For me, I felt no heat so I loaded up on the cayenne. It wasn't the same but at least I got a bit of spice. The flavors were definately there though.


Tonight's dinner:

Himalaya Morgh
Curry de poulet avec sauce impériale (spécialité du chef).

Morgh Vindaloo
Curry de poulet aux pommes de terre et ses épices.

Morgh Nouveau Jalfrezy
Curry de poulet aux oignons, poivrons, sauce tomates.


Mango lhassi


Everything was pretty good except the nan. It was a bit dry. Not bad - next time I will tell them to make it extra spicy. Then maybe I would feel some heat.

Au Sommet de L'Himalaya
75, Rue St Martin
75004 Paris, France
01 44 59 37 76

(By the way, I am still extremely traumatized from yesterday's incident. I still haven't opened my blinds)

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