Saturday, May 17, 2008

Toots & Matt - the Backpackers

Today was Matt and Toots last day. I wish they could have stayed longer. It was nice having friends from back home visiting. For lunch, we ate at Eric Kayser which was nice. I bought them a couple financiers from there which Toots happily ate most of it herself. =D I think it would be dangerous if Toots lived in Paris same time as me. Omg, we would just eat all day every day. lol. After lunch, we walked to Jardin des Tuileries. Then back home for some final packing.

HAHAHAHHA - Can't you tell that Toots and Matt were backpacking for about a month? Love these photos.


Look, Matt and backpack fit !

I went with them to the train station - they arrived about 7 minutes before their train was supposed to leave. They were supposed to come 30 minutes before - oops! But they were able to get onto the next one to London.

Bon voyage ! See you in Cali. =)

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Matt said...

I hate backpacks! Never time I'll just rent a camel or something :)