Friday, May 30, 2008

Fruits fruits fruits !

Today was fruit day. We made the following:

Salade de Fruits

Soupe de Melon au Baume de Venise. I am not a huge melon fan so I thought this was okay. But I am sure melon-lovers would love this dish. It's just melon soaked in wine with some mint in it.

Gratin d'ananas Crème d'Amandes. This was sooooo good. We added peaches and bananas with the pineapple. The sabayon gratinée with the bananas was the best pairing. I didn't care for it with the other fruits.
*This is not mine, by the way. I think it's Canadia's. I overfilled my sabayon - then it inflated under the salamander. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Ananas Flambé

We finished really early so we all sat down, had a café and chatted for a bit. It was nice. =)

Smile! Anglo 2008 (sans Amanda)

Nice, relaxing day today.


Rafael Donnay said...

How come you get to wear the cool chef whites and everybody else, chef included, has the boring ones?

Joan P. said...

I'm the only one that bought different chef whites. But Chef has a bunch of different ones too.