Tuesday, July 15, 2008

26-course meal and service

More canapés!

We make different canapés every day.

And lots of “flower pots” for the garniture for a lot of the plates.

It’s funny because Masa comes into the garde and asks for flowers. He has a hard time pronouncing “fleur” in French so it comes out:

« Deux flrurururuur. Deux flurururur ! »

« Quoi Masa !? Tu veux quoi ?! »

« Deux flururuur – oh putain, le francais est difficile. »

HAHAHAHA It’s so cute and funny. Me and Thea are always like “Masa, tu es adorable !” Here he is plating the haricots salad.

I swear it takes 5 minutes to plate this salade. The presentation for all the plates at this restaurant take forever - tons of sauces and details.

And Thea

Here is Enzo, aka MacGyver, the plongeur. He is always listening to his MP3’s. I always ask him « Qu’est-ce que tu fait-la ? » He is always making random things for his house, etc in the garage. He said that he is the MacGyver of handy work so if I need something fixed that I can ask him.

And here is Denny and Masa playing their pinching game. They are so ‘cute’ together ! So much love in the kitchen with the boys - seriously. A lot of touching and bisous with everyone in this kitchen. HAHAHA. It’s so entertaining.

Oh and btw, tonight was a special night. Some food journalists came to eat and the chef came up with a 26-course meal for them. It was nuts. It was a bit crazy in the kitchen so I only got a few shots of the plates.


See the utilisation of the "pots de fleurs" ?


And here is Mikael. He is funny because he is the one and only pastry chef in the kitchen.

EVERY NIGHT, I mean every night he is always saying

« Je suis toute seule! Je suis tout seule! Je n’ai pas de temps ! x 10 » (I [work] all alone ! I don’t have any time !)

And he also has to make the plates of cheese. So then he continues with something on the lines of :

« Je suis patissier. Je ne suis pas fromagier. Je suis patissier. Putain de merde. Je doit faire les assiettes de fromage ! Je ne suis pas fromagier. Sucrée ! » (I am a pastry chef, not a ‘cheese chef’ ! Swearing in french I have to make these cheese plates ! I am not a ‘cheese chef’. [Sweet things])

Me and Thea work in the garde next to him during service and he often mumbles in French without directly talking to anyone. He always like “klsjfoieurjlsf, mon bébé. Sljflkjeij mon amour. SLKFJSLK mon treasure.” Hah !

Like Denny, he calls everyone “mon bébé, mon amour, mi amoré.” I wonder who started it ?

The service was a bit crazy – chef was yelling a lot, especially at Masa. It’s strange because we really only hear chef yelling for him. MASA !!!!!!! Like really yelling for him. And sometimes during our mise en place, chef will sneak up behind Masa and be like

« MASA!!!! »
« Oui, chef ! »
« Ca va ? Tu vas bien ? »

It’s hilarious. We all think chef really really likes Masa so that is why he is so hard on him. Tough love.

I think overall, the night was a success. We finished service around 00h30 and hung out on the terrace a bit.

Masa looks like a cartoon character. He has perfect baby skin and little freckles, and dresses all “snazzy” and Japanese on his days off. Can you believe he is 30 or 31 ?!

Survived 6 fun filled days in the kitchen. From now on we work single shifts, Tues - Fri, and doubles on the weekends.

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