Monday, July 28, 2008

Je suis la vache...

Yay! Today we had two guests come visit. My friend Nina from Paris, and Thea's friend, Camilla from Italy/New York. They went to the bar and hung out, had canapes and drinks. After service, we all sat on the terrace and had drinks.

Thea and Camilla

Here is Lucas, the bartender. He's got to be one of the nicest guys ever. And he's awesome because he came from Argentina a month ago and didn't speak a lick of French. Now he understands a lot and has no care in the world in trying to speak French, often times mixing Spanish and French together. He's doing quite well for being here for such a short period of time. And we all love the fact that he always says pero (but - in Spanish), instead of mais.


Nina suggested this French game:

La vache qui tache, ("The Cow Who Stains") is a party game for any number of players, originally started in France... The only prop required is a cork, one end of which has been blackened in a candle flame.

Assign each player a number. Player one calls out "Je suis la vache qui tache sans taches numéro 1 et j'appelle la vache sans taches numéro X" ("I am the spotted cow with zero spots number 1, and I call the cow with zero spots number X"), where X is the number of any other player.

When the game first starts no-one has any spots, so the number of spots is zero, or "sans tache". The next player, X, must immediately repeat the phrase, using his/her own number and another player for X ("I am the spotted cow with zero spots number X, and I call the cow with zero spots number Y"), where Y is the number of any other player. The game repeats this way until someone makes a mistake.

If a player makes a mistake, like mixing up the cow numbers, taking too long to respond, or calling the wrong number of spots (explained below), that player gets "spotted", using the blackened cork to make a big round black dot on his face. If a player gets one spot, then that player must say "I am the spotted cow with one spot..." and so on for the number of spots received.


Sous-chef, David, Meat girl, Chiho, and Petit Nic(on) - stagiaire en salle (serveur)

Me getting marked =(

We ended up playing the game in FRENCH, SPANISH, ITALIAN, AND ENGLISH!!! It was so funny! We tried Japanese but um... yah that didn't work out too well.

Bad footage, but you can hear the game.

Too dark... but you can hear the game in Italian

Good times :)

We ended the night around 4am.

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