Monday, July 21, 2008



My bf, Rafael is an IRONMAN!!! And so is our friend, TIMO!!!

2.4 mile SWIM
112 mile BIKE
26.2 mile RUN

Rafael: 11 hours, 51 minutes
Timo: 12 hours, 53 minutes

I usually go to all of Raf's triathlons... too bad I missed THE Ironman. But I was just as excited and nervous even though I was here in France checking the internet for updates on his and Timo's status.

Fucking amazing. It's crazy what one's body and mind is capable of.

Details forRafael here, and Timo here.


Rafael Donnay said...

thanks for all the support babe! even though you're 10,000,000 miles away. You're the best.

kristina said...

Very nice. Those times would probably be my 'Run' portion. :)