Thursday, September 25, 2008

Faire des cours à Nice

Train was to leave at 17h32. Wanted to see if I could catch an earlier train so had Nicolas drive me to the train station around 11h00. Unfortunately, I couldn't exchange my TGV ticket in Nice since I bought it at a special price online. I had a good 5 hours to kill in Nice. Another blessing in disguise. I ended up fait des cours, or running errands the rest of the afternoon. Luckily there were lockers there to hold my luggage and carry-ons.

What a day - I was at the bank for a good 30 minutes, at least. Got that over with. Sigh of relief. Tomorrow I had to deal with my papers to extend my Visa.

Finished a bunch of other errands. Went window shopping. Wrote some more for my blog at a café and in the fancy McDonald's in downtown Nice - had a lot to catch up on since internet is banned from the cooks at the restaurant. A month with barely any internet. In a little retirement town on the Cote D'Azur. With cold weather brewing so no more trips to the beach. Nothing to do. Ah, qu'est-ce que je ferais sans l'internet ?! (This explains the heaps of entries being posted within just a few days).

My bad karma seems to be lessening a bit. Well minus the date mix-up and having Pim show up at my friend's apartment a day earlier than I thought. But that is another story.

Anyway, things worked out. I got really important shit done. Had a shitty cappuccino and pain au chocolat. Then tried to make up for it buy buying this chocolate muffin with chocolate chips that looked good but tasted like shit. But had a financier that was quite tasty from a place downtown. Hadn't had any super delicious pastries for a month. But Paris will take care of that.

Good karma came when the wait for the subways and RER were less than a minute. I got home around 23h30. Tomorrow the eating begins.

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