Saturday, September 13, 2008

Got my new knife today

I ordered a Gyutou 21 cm Glestain knife in California after some talk and recommendation from Steve/Manresa. There was a mix up in the shipping but luckily my wonderful boyfriend Rafael negotiated for them to send me the knife in France for $7 – and it only took less than a week. It was nice to receive a package in the middle of mise en place - like opening a present on Christmas. YAY. The feeling of a new knife.

And here is a random pic of Chiho working. I love this girl – I hope I can be like her a year from now. The cleanest, fastest, most precise cook here. Chiho is also really patient too, respectfully explains how to do things, and lets me prep and cut anything at the meat station.


And on a side rant (I just need to vent, skip if you want!) – I find it quite strange that I am the second person in the entire kitchen to have an eplucheur (peeler). And a relatively generic 3 Euro peeler that you can buy in the grocery store that works pretty well. In fact, I am the only one with an effectively useful peeler in the entire restaurant. Isn’t that BIZARRE? And some people here take it, use it, leave their shit ass dried up food on it and put it back on the wall. Whatever happened to asking before borrowing ?! And then washing it before putting it back?

There were so many times where my maryse/spatula has been misplaced too. And it often miraculously shows up at someone else’s station. Dirty and oily of course. Same goes with my knives. I have found my Santoku covered in dried fish crap on the wall plenty of times… or it being used to BREAK OPEN RAW ALMONDS !

AND I am the only with with a Sharpie. I am quite attached to my Sharpie because everyone keeps taking it and not giving it back.

Just been one of those weeks... Ok I feel a bit better now. /end rant/

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