Monday, September 01, 2008

SF --> LA --> SF --> Paris --> Menton

Couldn`t change my ticket to Nice so I had to fly into Paris. My flight was at 14h00 but I met up with my boys for breakfast at Hobee`s. Ummmm good ole American breakfast and Hobee`s coffee cake.


Tired, less than 3 hours of sleep.

Got into Paris in the PM. Took me 30 minutes just to get out of Gare Du Nord because of the swarms of Indians. (Fete de Ganesh was going on. Nina lives across the street !). It was hell with 2 suitcases. It wasn`t over by the time I got to Nina`s. Amanda and I had to go to Canadia`s to pack my stuff so I could store it at Amanda`s until I come back in the fall. Another big suitcase. A guest bed. Laundry racks. Bags. Paris metros. Late at night. More moving hell. It never ends.

I have to give a big Thanks to Amanda for always helping me move, giving me moving suggestions (I am a rookie when it comes to moving - she`s been on her own moving for YEARS now - she`s a pro), and storing my stuff at her place. You are my moving savior, Amanda !

And a big THANKS to Nina and Christophe for letting me crash for a night in Paris - it was good to be `home` for a night. =)

I`m exhausted and have barely eaten and slept - EARLY train tomorrow to Menton.

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