Thursday, September 11, 2008

Girls were made for cleaning...

The female stagiaires were told to clean all three chambres froides (walk-in fridges) as well as the entire garde manger kitchen. That means EMPTYING out all the freezers (meats, drinks, vegetables, etc etc etc) as well as the shelves. Removing EVERYTHING from all the shelves in the garde. I mean EVERYTHING. We had to leave everything in the garage, scrub down all the tiles, wash the plastic shelves, the egouts during mise en place. This took a good 3 hours... And then be ready for mise en place. And the thing that gets me is that one of the male stagiaires says he has never been asked to clean like that. The most he has been asked to do was organize a fridge. Big deal, we all do that.

Btw, I have no problems with cleaning. In fact, I always volunteer to do the stoves (call me bizarre). And, I have done other big cleaning jobs like that before - except it was after service - with everyone else. I know it comes with the job - I just feel that it should be shared equally... I often hear:

"This needs to be cleaned."

"Oh - just ask one of the girls to do it." Demande une fille.


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