Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back in Menton

Survived waking up at 6am with little sleep. Ughhhh I had to lug my big suitcase and 3 carry-ons yet again through the metro. Luckily Gare de Lyon was only 2 stops away from Gare du Nord on the RER.

I barely made it to my train to Nice. I couldn't really sleep on the train either. 3 days and going. When I got into Nice, I had to lug my things back onto another train to Menton. Luckily, a Frenchie I met helped me carry my luggage up and down the stairs and onto the train. (Merci, Steeve !)

So it doesn`t end. I get into Menton, drag my things down a hill... then up a hill. Luckily (again) Thea came down the hill from where we live and helped me carry my shit back up the hill. Continuous Thank-yous all around !!!

Our schedules have changed to 5 days a week instead of 6 days. Every day is a double-shift. Apparently, when I left, everyone caught some kind of stomach flu and continued to work even though everyone was vomiting... and they all worked 14 days straight. I am glad I missed that sickness part ... to say the least, my immune system isn't the best. Oh and apparently we aren't allowed to have internet until our days off... ? Comment est-ce que je vivrai ?! Surtout à Menton sans l'internet?

When I got back to the resto and settled in, I was greeted with a warm 'Welcome Back' from mes amours. <3

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