Monday, September 22, 2008

Last day of work

To be quite honest, I have been having a shit past two weeks (except for my days off - for the most part.) Just bad karma all the way around. Little things have been going bad for me here and there, - yes, that is life, but this literally was a consistent two weeks of bad karma. I wonder what I did wrong ?

Anyway, today we had a lot of mise en place to do since there was a food event being held in Monaco. I was supposed to get off the first shift slightly early to do some paperwork at the bank for my Carte de Sejour. By the time I got off work, the bank would be closing in 30 minutes. No car - guess karma didn't want it to happen. (I'm starting to sound like My Name Is Earl. Didn't have much of a break today but it was okay. I wasn't too tired. For the little amount of time I had, I went to the little store in Italy to buy Coke, wine, and snacks for tonight.

When I returned, I got dressed and went back to work. On my last night of work, one of the commis told me to be the plongeur (our plongeur was in Monaco) and that we would "take turns" (he would do it after, and then another girl.) Uh huh. Both of them have never washed the dishes during an entire service. And if they have - it's been for about 2 minutes... because they needed to use something. Keep in mind that I am one-handed and can't get my left hand wet. I was washing dishes and putting them away - with one hand.

Guess who ends up being plongeur the whole service AND during the end of service? Yah, on my last night. WOO! I have done it for about 3-4 services already when others "claim" they will take turns. It was BS. But whatever, tomorrow I am going back to Paris. Home Sweet Home.

I was glad to finish my final duties as professional plongeur. I went back to the room, showered, and went out on the terrace to hang out on my last night. We had a nice feast of junk food and good last night of bonding.

Masa, Maxime (Nice, Stagiaire), Jennifer (Quebec, Stagiaire), Chiho, me

À Bientôt !

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