Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Girls Day Out

My carte de sejour expires on 30/09/08 so Chiho kindly took me to the Prefecture in Nice to show me how to get there and to pick up the list of papers that are needed for the renewal. It took 1.5 hours to get there by public transportation – by the end of it, we were starving.

Thea ended up coming to Nice as well so it turned into a girls day out. We met up at McD’s (ummmm McDonald’s – one of those guilty pleasures where you like to indulge 3x a year ahhahaha). The McDonalds in Nice is SUPER nice, all decc’ed out in modern and simple design with painted walls, spiral staircases, and even a stone wall.


Then we went window shopping around Nice. We took a cappuccino at the Galleries Lafayette. It was really nice. Reminded me of life back home in Paris. A bit of “homesickness” ?



After we went to watch The Darkkk Knigghhhttt (2nd time for me). But it was well worth it. Ummm Christian Bale.

We ended back in Menton around 19h30. Thea is leaving in a few days (BOO HOO – my Californian counterpart here) so we met up with Lucas and David to eat dinner at a creperie. It was okay except for the fact it took 40 minutes to make 6 crepes. Were they in the shit ? Mise not ready ? Chopping all veg a la minute ? ahhahaha.

It was really refreshing to have a girls day out. I’m going to miss Thea!

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