Friday, October 31, 2008

Au Fils Des Saisons (again)

Went back to an old favorite of mine - Au Fil Des Saisons. Raf, Amir, and Nina have not been here yet.

I ordered foie again (call me crazy). It wasn’t as good as last night but still ok.

I had to order the goose again. I loved it.

They added grapes, and onions cooked in red wine and jus which was an excellent idea.

And they changed the potatoes to gratin which was also a good idea. The potatoes last time were too rich. These were still rich but tastier.

Raf and Nina both got the confit de canard (cooked for 7 hours, their signature). Raf left the plate totally clean.

Here is Amir with his dish of cote de veau in a truffle jus. He LOVES truffles, can’t you tell? This dish was really good.

For dessert, trio of 3 chocolat fondants.

I was so stuffed by this point but managed to eat one of them and a bite of the rest. I didn’t want to insult the owner of the place by not finishing my food. ;) Nina got a lot of shit for not finishing everything. It was hilarious.

Another excellent meal. I think that everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Au Fil des Saisons‎
6, Rue Fontaines du Temple
75003 Paris
Tel: 01 42 74 16 60‎

Oh yah ~ Happy Halloween!

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