Thursday, October 02, 2008

Café Malongo

Last week, when Pim and I went to grab a coffee together, we got into a small discussion on shitty coffee in Paris - the differences in Robusta beans and Arabica beans... and using fresh milk. This really peaked my interest since I had been drinking coffee since I was 11 but hadn't taken the time (or had the time) to learn more about it. I decided to do some research on which cafés in Paris that sell Arabica coffee as well as serve fresh milk. (Pim has a great post about it here). Café Malongo does both. (Another great post by David Lebovitz on coffee/espresso here).

I finally stopped by Café Malongo where Rudy and Stephanie work (whom I met at Gastronomie by the Seine.) Unfortunately, neither Rudy nor Stephanie were working. Perhaps next time.

The prices are great here for the quality of the coffee, cheaper than some of the crap café's around Paris. It was the cheapest café viennois I have had in Paris so far - ran about 3,80 Euro. Typically café's around Paris charge 4,50+ Euro. And of course (cream aside), it was delicious, smooth, with no traces of "tar" in my mouth, and no making of the "bitter, acid face". Now if only they had WiFi. I'd be here every day. =)


Le Malongo Café
50 rue St André des Arts
75006 PARIS
M4: Odeon or Saint-Michel

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