Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Just another day at the office ... ?

Got a part-time gig in the office at a culinary company. hah! I will be working here until I start my next stage in November.

There is an empty office that I will be using. Isn't this awesome wall art? Her torso is painted.

Anyone know who this model is? I love this photo. Beats the boring office wall art back home.
Can you imagine if someone hung this up in the US? Lawsuit city.

Which reminds me of an incident that happened at my last company. I had a picture of Gwen Stefani on my wall. Someone complained about it to HR because of the short shorts and plunging neckline. It was placed next to a half naked photo of the Rock. (It was the fashion spread on the right side)

hahah! Oh the memories...

Look how hard I am working

The secretary recommended a tiny little sandwich/salad/wrap place that served smoothies. Picked up a bagel (been a LONG time - it was quite good) and a smoothie with mango/banana/yogurt ice-cream. And I got a "student" discount. Woot !

The company is in a gorgeous building with an awesome view of the Seine. This is the view from the particular office I am working in.

Tomorrow I go to school for a "kitchen design" class. =)

Oh, and another big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RAF !!! I made delicious rich, dark chocolate, buttery/fudgey brownies in his honor.


Rafael Donnay said...

and how exactly am I supposed to eat these brownies??

oh yeah, welcome back to corporate - where you will always be welcome! ... just don't get tendonitis again.

Ysabel said...

Can you believe that this post actually made me miss office life just a little bit?? Sick. When you're freelancing and self-employed - in music no less - you do kind of miss the solidity of a steady paycheck. Le sigh.

Your temp. office looks cool, though! I can't believe someone complained to HR about your Gwen Stefani pic! Lame. That's SO "The Office"...

Joan P. said...

Raf - yah tendonitis. I almost forgot. 4 months with no use of my arms. BY TYPING. That is 10000000000x than kitchen injuries thus far.

Ysabel - yah I miss the office. Like the MONEY and FREE fancy meals. HAH! But it's all good.

As for the photo - it was next to a NAKED picture of the Rock !!! I think someone was just being spiteful. I have worse stories...