Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Best Chinese food in Paris... thus far

Le Salon de Thé Wen Zhou
24, rue de Belleville
75020 Paris
M: Belleville

I had been here previously with Kat. And then today with Amanda. Get the fresh made buns (any of them), spicy eggplant, noodles... and they even have NIAN GAO ! (Sticky rice cake). I'm getting that shit next time. (Btw, it is totally not a "salon de thé").

I felt like I was back in California... well almost.

It was nice to speak my broken Mandarin with them. And hear the owners talk really loud and say things like "crazy/mental and stupid" in Mandarin.

I even found Zhi Ma Qio (Ping ying is way off - Sesame rice balls with red bean paste) a couple doors down. It was overcooked but still tasty. I will go in the morning when they are more fresh.

This place beats all the crap that is around Paris.

I am happy. Very happy.

The end.


Rafael Donnay said...

you felt like you were back in California?? then the waiters must have been pretty rude to you! haha

Joan P. said...

You are completely right. They were pretty "rude" compared to the French-Chinese at other restos here. But if I had to compare the French-Chinese people at this resto to those in California - they are quite nice.