Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chez Flo + Jazz Club

Met up with Nina for an early dinner at a very traditional brasserie called Chez Flo in the 10th.

Had SUPERB foie gras.

However, my fried merlan dish wasn’t that great. Too much batter and over-fried. I remember when we made this at school (it was excellent, of course). It’s okay, I was still quite satisfied from lunch.

Nina got the Alsatian plate.

Chez Flo
7, Cour Petites Ecuries
75010 Paris
Tel: 01 47 70 13 59‎

We had to hurry since we were running late for the jazz concert that was playing closeby.

30 minutes late, but on time. They started playing 15 minutes later. (Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley - Americans)

The Froomies (French). Unfortunately, the singer, Kristle is not pictured.

Was really cool !

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