Monday, October 06, 2008

Coffee and Baozi

Was quite productive today. Ran some errands. Did some more pastry "research." Tried to educate myself on coffee. And met up with Amanda at Café Malongo. Guess who was finally working? RUDY! He's really fun, and hooked me up with a free mocha with lots of crème chantilly dusted with cocoa and cinnamon. What a pal. =)

He said we looked quite different without our chef whites on. haha
(Photo courtesy of Amanda)

After a nice 3-hour coffee break, Amanda went back to work and I went to go check out an awesome apartment in the 9th. Then I went back to Belleville to pick up a few baozi or Chinese buns from Le Salon de Thé Wen Zhou. It was already 20h00 but I was lucky to pick up some freshly made buns. Still warm. AND, I picked up another Zi Ma Qio, sesame rice ball with red bean from the resto closeby and it was delicious! Totally not overcooked! SO HAPPY. I ate it on the way home.

Then enjoyed the baozi in the comfort of Amanda's kitchen.


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