Thursday, October 09, 2008

Routine again... sort of.

Went into work today. Was maybe 5 minutes late. Started to freak out a bit. But then realized that I am in France. Doucement. I was actually the first one there. I guess I had flashbacks of working in the Office back in CA where I was micromanaged. HAH!

At 11h30 today I was told to prepare a lunch. Like toute de suite (right away) for three people - one of them didn't eat bread or things with lactose in it. Ummmm... ok, so I ran to the market and bought a bunch of veg and fruit. I wanted to roast my own chicken but since I was given about 5 minutes notice, it didn't happen so I bought already roasted chicken legs... I was afraid of it being dry already. Oh well. Made a little avocado/endive amuse bouche with Vinaigre de Xeres, olive oil, and honey. Another simple salad. Rabbit terrine. Chicken. Figs with honey and goat cheese. Rasberries and clementines with sugar. Yah, very simple.

This reminds me of an incident where a vegan came to eat at the restaurant last month. The pastry chef wasn't given notice so during service he was told:

"Ok, so this client doesn't eat flour, milk, cheese, or butter. What do you have?"

"... Rien." (Nothing) HAHAHAHA

I don't understand veganism. Anyway back to the subject of making lunch, it was nice to do something non-administrative. I am reminded why there are some jobs that I cannot do for the long-term.

There is another culinary-related company that shares the office with us. I met a Californian who works there. He was actually doing business with my former chef last month. I am sure we walked by each other a ton of times but didn't notice since we were focused so much on work. Small world - everyone is connected in this industry. It was nice to talk with another NorCalian.

After work, I went to Belleville with Amanda to pick up more buns and loads of Bok Choy. Then went to go talk to Chef Séb at school. It was nice since I hadn't seen him for awhile. Grabbed a café and talked for a good hour. Had to fill him in on all that has happened the past 3 months - which was a LOT... and I probably left out a lot of details but he got the gist of everything - trip to the hospital, annoying men hitting on me at work, working in CA, staying in France 'legally' yada yada yada.

Also ran into Chef Thierry - my former pastry chef at Ferrandi. Me as well as the rest of the Anglo class loved Thierry so it was really nice to see him. I think I will always have an attachment to Ferrandi and all my chefs as well as the coordinator of the Anglo program - this was already my 4th visit to the school since I have been back in Paris.

I lost track of time and then rushed to meet Amanda at work so I could pick up her apt keys. I got to see a bit of the kitchen that she works in. Ah, Amanda.

One word sums her up.


Actually two - disastre.=D

When she introduced me to one of her coworkers, this is what she did.

(Points to me and then looks at her co-worker) Joan. Ummm Amie from l'école." (Friend from school)

Then I said to her "Did you just say Amie from l'école?

Amanda :"Oh yah ~ you know I butcher the French language."

HAHAHAHAH - catastrophe. =D

So I am finally having some kind of routine again. I am still pretty tired though. I haven't been sleeping much lately. But it's nice having time to update my blog, visit friends in Paris, read, attempt to figure out what I am going to do with my life, have "me" time... and have the option to eat 'non-staff meal' lunches and dinners that don't include pasta pasta and more pasta.

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