Thursday, November 05, 2009

Stuck in Miami, Florida

So my flight to Recife, Brazil was delayed an hour at SFO, therefore causing me to miss my connecting flight to Recife. They claim the earliest flight they had was 20h15 the following day (!!! F*CK YOU, American Airlines! You suck!) Seriously, each time I fly American, it gets worse. When I got to SFO, the check-in attendants were too busy having personal conversations. The lady at the desk was rude. Not to mention how unfriendly they were in Miami. So yes, DO NOT FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES. Sometimes it may be worth it to pay $100+ for a better airline.

Ok, the positives? I got a free night at Holiday Inn (well, they better offer this) and some vouchers for food - just enough so that I don't die of hunger, however, American Airlines expected me to eat only in the hotel or the airport. So yes, they expect me to stay here for 24 hours doing what? And get this, check-out time is noon. WHAT AM I GONNA DO - stay at the airport for 8 more hours? Even the guy at the front desk was like "Why didn't they just pay for two nights?" I can't walk around Miami in the rain with my extra bags. I still need a place to wash up before my 10+ hour flight. Blech. When life gives you lemons, you gotta make lemonade, right?

This was my chance to sort of check out Miami. First on the list: eat Cuban food. I took a cab to Versailles restaurant. The ride itself was quite interesting. I had a very interesting conversation with a Colombian cab driver married to a French woman. He got so excited talking about Colombian, Cuban and Peruvian food, crepes from Bretagne, apple cidre, and his extensive travel in Europe that he missed my stop. He didn't charge me for the mix-up either. Moments like this in life are fun.


I opted for something traditional - Beef stew with rice and plantains. I could eat plantains every day!

I really wanted to try dessert since they are also popular for their sweet things and bakery, but was way too full. I can always finish up with a cafecito though.



I am full and life is good.


D said...

Wait...are you in Brasil now?! Odd I wasn't getting blog updates! Oooh plantains. I think I got the ropa vieja when I went there. BTW I totally agree with you about AA!

kristina said...

I guess you could say you got a little extra side trip courtesy of AA.