Friday, June 13, 2008

Chef Stéphane's cooking demo

Went to sleep around 2h30 last night. Went to school to do the mise en place at 10h. Not. Recovered. At all. But it was nice to be back in the kitchen. Bang-me volunteered to do the mise too... she slept around 4h00. We were both zombies and making stupid mistakes. But all is good.

Today's demo was pretty much everything that we made for our graduation and then some. I listened to my iPod for the first time in the kitchen. It was nice. And I only put the headphones in one ear in case Chef needed to yell at me for something. hah!

I just prepped, turned, and confited a bunch of veg. Helped organize the mise for the class tonight, and made a couple gaspachos. A shitload of stuff for pastry was needed - poor Bang-me did most of it. Measuring measuring and more measuring. We both lack patience for that.

We were all still full from our trip and didn't even bother to eat breakfast or lunch. Just nibbled on some bread and fruit not because we were hungry, just for substance. I think we stored enough for the winter from our trip. hah! We sure did have a couple espressos though.

Chef told me to go home around 16h00. I volunteered to come back to do "service." Just like being back at work. I went home for a nap, and came back around 18h30. Alex joined me for tonight's class.

Was pretty busy tonight. Shitload of cleaning. It was insane. But me and Alex got to enjoy some of the cocktails and wine.

Look at the cute presentation!



Not bad for 100 Euro cooking class. They made a million things. Okay, maybe around 15. And they were able to take it home.

It was around 1h15 and we still weren't finished cleaning. We organized and did most of it, but since it was already pretty late, Chef Stéphane told us to go home.

Oh, and I took photos of my little route to the kitchen since Raf wanted to see what the inside of my school looks like.

Stairs up from the Poissonerie

Stairs from the vestiaire

Just follow the light !

Not going to see this anymore =(

Good night.

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