Monday, June 23, 2008


Today me and Andrew went to check out Mirama in the 5th. Another gorgeous day out.


It is known for their Canard laqué. I only tasted the broth which was decent. Andrew would have preferred more crisp and shine to his duck, but I think he enjoyed it.

Tsao niu-hu (my ping-ying is terrible). This was decent.

Overall, not bad for a Chinese place in Paris.

17, Rue St Jacques
75005 Paris, France
+33 1 43 54 71 77

Afterwards, we wandered around the streets of Paris.

Kid in a candy store - Andrew and comic books.

We walked through Saint-Michel and saw HOARDS of tourists. Like bulls in Pamplona, Spain. It was crazy. And we walked by a Subway that was FILLED WITH AMERICAN TOURISTS (well, they looked American). LIKE LINES OUT THE DOOR. I was a little hurt - how can you come to "my city" and eat Subway?! Why? How? At least get a Sandwich Grecques or baguette or something? Ah, so sad.

The rest of our afternoon consisted of more walking, gelato, Amanda, and Barbès.

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